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Ring Inc. formerly Doorbot is a home security and smart home company owned by Amazon. Ring manufactures home security products that incorporate outdoor motion-detecting cameras, including Ring Video Doorbell. It hosts an app, Neighbors, for online social sharing of captured footage among users. Ring also provides video footage from its cameras and data from its Neighbors app to law enforcement agencies on request. Its police partnerships have been criticized by civil rights advocacy groups as building an invasive private surveillance network.

A customer named  ¨uklyrish¨, commented about his/her experience using The Ring Pro security in a review posted by Reddit: “Ring Pro is undoubtedly the WORST product I have ever owned. I noticed about 30 minutes ago that my doorbell was no longer connected to WiFi. And I only noticed this because I happened to open the app because I wanted to see if by some miracle the little remaining snow in my yard was keeping it bright enough so that the full-color camera was staying on again like it had been the last few nights so the Ring is actually worth something at night unlike normally when the "enhanced" Nightvision is on and detecting absolutely no motion whatsoever. For the insane number of notifications I get for every single vehicle driving by or every tree branch moving in the wind despite it being set on "People Only," it's ASTOUNDING there is no push notification to let me know THAT MY DOORBELL IS NO LONGER CONNECTED. Equally astounding is the fact that it's now 2019 and there is still seemingly no possible way for a WiFi-equipped device to just...RECONNECT to a WiFi signal. No, it requires taking the entire faceplate off and then triggering the hardware reset to connect, of course. The second best part about all of this is that the stupid, infuriatingly tiny "security screw" that has the equally infuriatingly tiny hex head was stripped so it was impossible to unscrew. But thankfully, this device is so secure it only took a minuscule amount of force to pull the faceplate off without even breaking it. For the absolute best part of this waste of 30 minutes, when I finally triggered the reset button, I was greeted with a message from the doorbell itself informing me that my Ring was installing an update and it would restart when that was done. No in-app/push notification for that because why on Earth would anyone be interested in the fact their doorbell is offline due to an automatic, unannounced update being installed? What idiots at Ring thought that: Requiring hardware reset to reconnect to WiFi, Not allowing simple reconnection to the WiFi network via the app, Not notifying users when the doorbell is disconnected for any reason, Not notifying users that firmware updates are available, Not notifying users that firmware updates are being installed (and the Ring is offline DURING this installation), Not allowing users to choose between the worthless "enhanced" Nightvision bullshit or the actual full-color camera that works just fine at night, leaving them with a functioning security device instead of a $250 wall decoration for half the day. Were you good ideas? This product and company are an absolute joke"


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Alan Saxton says

"Due to faulty door bells I am on my third (Ring 3). I am now being blackmailed into paying a monthly fee in order to access to help or advice. My excellent local alarm company has taken hours to try and sort the bell. In desperation I decided to give in and join the subscription. Gave my card details address - everything. And it still tells me I have no subscribed plan."

Mr JT says

"Waste of money poor technology that basically doesn’t do as advertised.
I have excellent fibre broadband and with router literally 2 meters from the bell unit so fail getting an ip rated router and fitting outside next to the bell not much I can do. Live in a regular brick built house nothing special about the wall in between defiantly not made of lead or even stone door is pvc not even a thick composite one. live view is poor at best I can occasionally get it to connect but by that time someone could strip the house bear and have time to make a cuppa.All in all don’t waste your money.
And before some replies with a copy and paste reply don’t bother!!! All in all iv had better products from a Christmas cracker"

khendd says

"I had a code to use and went through the entire list of eligible products. The security system that I was looking at getting was within this eligibility list. When I went to checkout, it wouldn’t accept the code. It said, “products aren’t eligible.” So, I thought it was weird and reached out in the customer service chat to get some clarification. This bot of a representative asked me various questions only to say “you should call the sales team” after 15 minutes. Okay what a waste of time. I then decide to call. I was forwarded to a representative and explained what was happening. She then stated, “it doesn’t apply. It’s also bundle.” So I questioned a bit asking, “but it’s clearly listed in the eligibility list? I’m just confused as to why it would be listed within that if it doesn’t apply?” *CRICKETS* “it just doesn’t apply.”

Listen, I’m all for understanding if it just doesn’t apply. But, it was clearly listed. To have absolutely no help from a customer service rep and no explanation- completely ridiculous. You think I’m about to drop $400 on a security system when you can’t even take the time to talk with me fully? Okay. Yeah no."

SM Farrow says

"Bought for us as moving in present .. waste of space time and money .. tried talking to customer service to sort issues GOT no where I have now installed other cams even though we live in a safe area.. the ring system was telling me an hour later someone had visited .. that is not security in real time as advertised
My opinion avoid this product until they sort it and meet their tv claims and then have a customer service that know what they are talking about and can resolve issue
Bloody useless"

M says

"I have the floodlight camera for over a year. It continues to activate when a cat passes by. Though the settings are set to ignore animals. The privacy mode is on, yet when my neighbours use their car, the light turns on. The rain and wind also triggers the light to turn on. I end up thinking the invisible man is outside !! No peace of mind at all.
Certainly buy this floodlight camera if you live on an open space with no one around and no animals and you experience perfect still weather and no rain. It will work perfectly for you.
I tried to contact support and each time the call gets dropped when in their phone system. Tried phoning from a landline, it does not even connect through that mode. I want to speak to someone that actually knows something about this system and not their community or website redirection services. If they blame the increase of calls is due to Covid-19 restrictions, don't believe them. Connecting to Ring support has long been a problem before Covid-19"

Kip Koenig says

"I have had it for a year. Worked for 2 months than suddenly stopped. Talked to tech a couple of times and they were no help. Had to replace the transformer supplying power to it. A week ago the hardwired charger stopped supplying a charge to my doorbell. Two calls to tech support and agin no resolution. I finally canceled my subscription which the agent was more than happy to do to get rid of me. Product problems, and then no support."

Ed says

"Very difficult to set up and constantly dips in and out of WiFi although all my other devices are fine. Doesn’t actually come with a chime - that’s extra which is outrageous to sell a doorbell without a bell... when you order and pay for the chime that takes ages to set up and constantly throws up errors. The entire process is very frustrating, does not work at all well and on many occasions we have left guests standing out in the rain pressing the doorbell but we don’t know they are there as the product really does not work properly."

Vanessa says

"Very poor customer service. I have tried to contact customer service several times. Purchased 8 drive solar lamps and they are CRAP!!!!"

Mark Clifford says

"DO NOT BUY Poor connections. Slow as hell, I mean SLOW AS HELL..... absolute piece of S**t. Not worth the money"

Timothy Doss says

"Close to the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. Smug support reps that clearly don't know ANYTHING but what is on the screen to regurgitate to the customer. Clearly no desire to fix the problems but HAPPY to sell you more crap equipment to make it better. I am an architect and I would NEVER recommend a ring doorbell to a client.
There better and more reliable systems and actually helpful customer service people and support."

Dave says

"I purchased the 2nd Generation doorbell without realising it does not come with a chime so I had to then add this at a later stage. My issue. I also did not realise Ring want (unless you search hard on the web site) that you have to pay £2.50 per month for the rest of your life to be able to receive recordings which i see as the main benefit of having one. It's not like I settle down each day with my family in front of Ring app to re-live the exciting moments at our front door that day?? I purchased it for safety. I think Ring has forgotten that its just a doorbell and not a Disney channel.

I rang up the customer service team to discuss this and they were quite rude and facetious.

Not sure why anyone would buy a doorbell that only. works well when you have to pay a subscription for life.

I will return it and give £2.50 a month to charity instead."

A Bauer says

"Ring Support is wonderful! What ruins it is NEIGHBORS. I have had and selected “LOST PETS” as one of my choices to see but when I go to post, I have to do a backflip with Neighbors Support to have it posted. Tired of the time involved to have someone who doesn’t live here determine what is posted. If only I’d post about a loud bang! The $10 per month ends & I have many RING products for sale. NEIGHBORS IS RINGS!
UPDATE: RING HAS CONTACTED TRUSTPILOT as a result of this ,& I imagine the other negative reviews as well. NO MATTER WHAT, do not trust your home to RING. They will decide if your post is worthy of RING nowhere near your home, neighborhood or State for that matter. I signed-up or chose LOST PET as a category I would like to see on NEIGHBORS and for some strange reason, I get an email that my post didn’t make it whenever I post a video of someone’s pet & must fight a battle! I am done investing not only money, but time. I am serious when I say that all of my RING products are for sale. And there is a lot! I should have read the reviews first!"

ProdigyQueen says

"Horrible customer service. I ordered the wrong item and immediately contacted support to cancel the order. Ring has a weird policy that an order cannot be canceled if 50 minutes have passed since the order has been placed. I was in a queue for 30+ minutes and the representative I finally connected with put me on hold until I could no longer cancel the order. I was forced to accept the package and send it back with a label. So I did. I then contacted customer service more than 3 times in the past month about the refund I was waiting on. Each time I was told something completely different and was refused the refund even though I was told at one point they had received the item and it has been processed. Feels like a huge scam."

. says

"🚫 if I could give this company no stars I would the first camera I bought didn't work they sent out a replacement it didn't work my other one has started to malfunction called customer service with no help at all!!!"

Pavan says

"1. I canceled my order within 15 minutes of placing my order. But still ended up paying for returns and not being refunded.
2. Shipment missed apartment number even if the order has the complete address
3. Even after talking to executive leadership and issue was not resolved within a week.
4. I kept receiving messages for missing packages even after I told them to place a return to sender notice.
5. I have not being reimbursed for return packages even if it your system and support fault."

Jagdish Patel says

"I order spotlightcam battery solar when it was delivery solar panel was missing I email them and rang them up 2 time when I rang them up second time they tell me not to ring them again they will be in touch but they have not they have ignored me no reply from them to my email or phone calls I will never deal or order from the ring uk again.The ring uk company is not base in uk if i can give them score it will be 0 not 1"

Emilio deGuarda says

"This sounds like an interesting idea, and the people who pay for the service and those who report issues may be the only reasons for not giving it a 1. My experience thus far is a nearly constant run of false alarms showing nothing on the screen (what the heck triggered it?) and problems connecting to the live video. No matter how many times I click reconnect, it either works immediately or never connects. I hate the business model of giving a bad product with the option to pay a nominal fee to eliminate small issues that shouldn't be there(for the monthly fee, it can eliminate all alarms that don't have a human-sized trigger- why is that not standard?) If it was not installed by the previous owner, I would never use it. As is, VERY disappointed."

Angela says

"Purchased 2 doorbells as we have double access, these are not cheap on the outset with expensive accessories you can purchases. Whilst the camera is great day and night I was not expecting until we found out after purchasing that the play back features are at an additional cost which is also a hefty price per unit, I am absolutely disgusted as they can record and hold conversations and video footage of what happens in your gardens, Then have to pay to get the privalage of retrieving and keeping these recordings, When advertised it says what it can do but not making it absolutely clear this is at an additional cost, also by the time you get notified someone has been in the garden by the time you open up the app and clicked on the video the person or trigger has disappeared, personally stick to a normal doorbell and get yourself a security cam package with DVR recorder, You have the rights and own your privacy and much cheaper too,"

paxtong says

"Given a Ring door bell as a Xmas by neice as a Xmas present!! I dont want to tell her what total rip off system is their advert should come with a health warning For price would have expected a bell What if owner not in house to get chime on phone! So additional cost for chime Then additional cost for transformer to charge Door Bell!!!
Then find if I want video play back it cost £2.50 a month £30 a year!!!! for rest of it life . Speed of connection is very poor when someone at door Total rip off
By time you add it all up better buying a cheap video system with camera You can buy a new 4 camera system for £140 on E bay and you own it no subscription!!!!! and far better coverage"

Mr D. H. says

"Had a ring battery camera floodlight as a present from my wife at Christmas.
Disappointed as:
1) battery life is only a few days. Therefore needed to purchase a second battery.
2) floodlight only stays on for about 20 seconds when I hoped that it would stay on for long enough for us to get out of the car.
3) Wi-Fi connection is intermittent. Only detects about 50% of the time.
4) could not mount along my drive, despite being outside a room where there is a Wi-Fi extender, as no signal.
5) generally poor Wi-Fi detection.....think it needs a better Wi-Fi receiver in the unit.
6) generally disappointed as an expensive purchase.
7) customer services were as helpful as possible but ultimately I feel the failing is within the lack of Wi-Fi signal detection in the unit."

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